Thursday, 9 June 2016

Crowdsourcing to Get Ideas, and Perhaps Save Money!

Lee Mayer discovered the benefits of crowdsourcing after she had moved to a new home in Denver from New York City and struggled for three months to find an interior decorator who would work within her budget. Then, she met a decorator who wasn’t booking enough business. And with that, an online interior design site called Havenly — offering services that were affordable for everyone — was born.

Some of the easy money making ideas are inspired by others, or so the wisdom of the crowd goes. That is leading more entrepreneurs to tap into other people’s brains — rather than just their pocketbooks — to test new products, set pricing and bring ideas to market faster.

But before Ms. Mayer took any steps to set up the company, she turned to the crowd for advice, sending out thousands of survey forms to answer one crucial question: Would people pay for this decorating service? Before quitting her job as a business strategist and spending thousands on a new venture, Ms. Mayer wanted some sign that the venture would succeed.

“You want to make sure other people believe what you believe,” said Ms. Mayer, who has an M.B.A. from Harvard and has worked as a consultant. “That takes some risk out of it.”

Ms. Mayer, now chief executive of Havenly, has been turning to the masses for answers ever since, including testing her pricing, products and website design. (The interior decorator who didn’t have enough clients is now her design director.) Development is costly, reasoned Ms. Mayer, who even learned coding to start the site, so it’s important to make choices that are as right as possible.

“Crowdsourcing is fast, cheap and scruffy,” she said, “especially when you need to move quickly.”

While well-established crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo dip into people’s pockets, crowdsourcing taps into their brains. Experts say that turning to the masses can even yield sharper answers than other methods.

“Crowdsourcing has replaced focus groups,” said Chris Hicken, president of UserTesting, a company based in Mountain View, Calif., that specializes in sifting through the ideas of crowds on behalf of online businesses. “It’s faster and a lot cheaper. Innovation is going so fast that we need faster answers.”

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Make Simple Money Comes Up With Great Opportunities to Work from Home

One of the major benefits of earning online is being able to work in the comforts of your home and according to your schedule. Also, it allows you to take hold of more than one employment. Working online in any field can be a very rewarding experience. Make Simple Money offers genuine online jobs opportunities that people visit the site and register themselves. Then, they look for their interested job and start making money. Moreover, they also provide a complete of how to make money through their tutorials and information provided by them.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Facebook Will Now Let You Earn Money Online!

I have discussed how to increase website traffic that will eventually enable you to earn money from it. To make matters more competitive, Facebook is also coming up with innovative means to help you earn money online.

Users of Facebook can now earn money by sharing their posts or contents by allowing users to utilize its instant articles tools by broadcasting ads to the readers living in different parts of the world.

The best part is, users can earn fast money online by sitting home and Facebook is going to make it even simpler and faster.

This announcement was made on The Verge implying that this social media giant will also enable its users to enjoy some profits by sharing their own unique content. Find out how you can come up with brilliantly tailored creative ways to generate marvelous content ideas.

Visitors of the Facebook page can get redirected using the “call to action” tab for various donations pages where they can integrate a platform for collecting the revenue after accumulating money from their unique posts.

For now, only news publishers are making money through Facebook by introducing tools and specialized online ads. However, individual users are still not granted to enjoy Facebook’s recent tweak in its algorithm.

According to a recent report published in the quarter of 2016, it was found that out of every dollar spent on online advertising, 85 cents either goes to Google or Facebook depending on the medium one wishes to advertise his/her product or service.

Facebook is constantly innovating the concept of internet marketing and surprisingly, it has already figured out that this billion dollar worth social media has the capacity to revolutionize the internet. Let’s see what else comes along in the future.

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Are You Creating These 7 Major Mistakes While Earning Online?

Who don’t want to get rich? Having a lavish life is a dream of everyone. From corporate sector to the online world, the growth of employment is taking place hugely; people are targeting their goals at the fullest to earn fast. You can avail best of both world, but people generally prefer earning online as it is the easiest and convenient way.

In present times, what you all want is the relaxation. No one wants to feel stressed and thus, start making money online at home. But, not many of you get the expected results. Isn’t it? What can be the matter? Where could you be lacking? No matter, whichever the way you opt, there are certain mistakes made by users who sign up online to make bucks, especially the newbie.

If you are also one of them and want to know about such concerns, here are 7 mistakes you should be cognizant for-

1. Where Is The Website?

Have you created your website? It doesn’t matter what occupation you are in, you should have a website. It is a fact that whether you are making money online or offline, having a website is a much quicker and easier way to let people know about you and your business.

2. No Social Media Activity

Don’t make an excuse for not having time to work on social media sites. This is very helpful in enhancing your presence on social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and more. The more you reach socially, the more people will know you.

3. No Advanced Techniques

There are plenty of platforms in every business where it is imperative to apply latest techniques in order to automate your business effectively. You can get many such tools free of costs online. You don’t need to take much amount from your pockets, just save money!

4. Less Communication With Potential Customers

It could take few months to find customers and potential customers, but there is a chance that you might lose them in a second. Stay online for long hours and reply to their comments and messages on time. Keep on posting new things they like.

5. Targeting The Wrong Location

Are you targeting the location appropriate for your business? Search for the pocket gathering locations both online and offline where people are looking to avail the services, you are providing.

6. Delay in Updates

This can be the biggest mistake you are creating. Keep on adding fresh content to your website so that your audience remains engaged. Don’t forget to mention call-to-action in some of the posts for depicting the friendly services.

7. Don’t Know About The Time

Get to know about the time in which your customers are online or reach the website. Update your new content and event according to that. Such things make customers build relationships with you for a long term.

Well, many of you might be creating these major mistakes. Neglect them today! Look for best money ideas and see how the boost in revenue takes place.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Hurray! Latest News! Facebook might soon let you earn money from your posts....

With the launch of Instant Articles for publishers to deliver content and ads more quickly on mobile, Facebook made it clear that it was serious about monetizing content.

A new user survey from the company, spotted by The Verge, hints at the possibility of Facebook allowing users to accept donations in posts, either to earn money or aid a charitable cause.

The survey also indicated that the social network is considering other ways of generating revenue, including branded content and sharing earnings from ads on posts with Facebook.

In a piece about publishers struggling to cope with shifting trends in digital media in The New York Times, Om Malik, founder of the celebrated and now defunct tech blog GigaOM, said that if he were to launch his company afresh today, he’d skip building a website and go with just a Facebook page instead – but he still hadn’t a clue about how he’d earn money from it.

It’ll be interesting to see if the company goes down any of these roads. The most straightforward path of allowing users to add a tip jar to their posts might see Facebook go up against blogging platform, which recently enabled publishers to monetize their work through sponsored content and monthly subscriptions.

Medium, which has already clocked more then two million posts from users, has seen heavy hitters like Femsplain and The Awl, as well as blogs from Time and Fortune sign on to its networked service to take advantage of the new payment features.

Of course, it may be too early to predict a winner, seeing as how all Facebook has done is conduct a survey. But it could be a compelling choice for publishers because that’s where a lot of their readers spend their time anyway.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Latest! Tumblr Looks To Make Money Off! Read Here The News!

Tumble-logging is a cheap and easy way for businesses to engage customers and achieve brand recognition "” the key to keeping and growing a customer base.

Why would customers want to see a photo of the CEO laughing at the company barbeque? Read the IT guy's musings? Watch a childhood video of the marketing director?

The answer is connection. In an era saturated with information and products, experts say brand recognition and brand loyalty are key; customers need to be aware of a brand, why they should try it, and then stick with it. A cheap and easy way to attract potential customers is through social networking. Facebook and Twitter are ubiquitous, but tumblelogging, a stream-of-consciousness style of blogging, is an increasingly popular method for businesses to connect with their customers.

Tumblr, which launched in 2007, is a tumblelogging platform that has attracted 6.6 million users over three years. It's a tool that makes blogging wildly easy for individuals, and the same applies to businesses. More perks for the corporate crowd: the domain and page design can be personalized, it interfaces with Facebook and Twitter to automatically update those pages, and it works with Google Analytics, a tool that tracks website traffic, and Feedburner, which distributes content via an RSS feed. Here's how to make your activity on Tumblr lucrative.

How to Make Money on Tumblr: Forget Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing, with its slogans and stock photos, won't always cut it in today's hyper-connected world, but from a cost-benefit perspective, that's not a drawback. Tumblr is free to use and is designed to make posting easy, enabling a brand to make quick and regular forays into the Internet consciousness to achieve ever-critical brand recognition. It takes only a few clicks to format text, photos, quotes, links, audio or video content, and then post it.

"A blog tied into social media is a golden ticket for many businesses," says Stephanie Chandler, a Sacramento-based author of business books, including Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, eBooks and Information Products. "What I'm seeing is this shift from spending money on advertising to spending money on social networking. Social media is a phenomenal tool for sharing content online, and content is what's most important for marketing. You want to inspire people to learn more about your company."

The T-shirt business BustedTees, started in 2004, uses its Tumblr mostly to post new T-shirt designs and deals. The New York City-based company, an offshoot of the comedy site started in 2004 with a six-person staff, has used Tumblr since it launched. "It was a no-brainer to get out on a blogging platform," says Amanda Ferri, production manager. "It was an obvious way to get information out to our fans."

BustedTees' Tumblr blog, followed by about 1,000 people, acts as an extension of their newsletter, which goes to about a half-million people. The company also has a separate website where customers place orders. "The Tumblr community might be different from our normal customers, people who don't get the normal newsletter," Ferri says. "With Tumblr, they still know what's going on with our company."

Dig Deeper: How to Create a Social Media Strategy

How to Make Money on Tumblr: Engage Your Customers
If the point of social media is to connect with customers, business bloggers need to interact with their customers consistently or the connection is lost. "Engaging creates loyalty, and it builds bonds," Chandler says. "Attracting customer attention costs far less than attracting new customers and you can do a lot of that by engaging on social media, building those customers for life."

On Tumblr, engaging is straightforward: post a question or ask people to "like" something — a new concept, advertisement or publication. Followers on Tumblr can re-post something onto their blog, spreading your message.

Mikhail Ledvich, director of retail at BustedTees, says the company watches "re-blogs" on Tumblr, "which means readers of their blog now see our content. A really good post will get 40 to 60 re-blogs, which is great for getting BustedTees in front of new people via a trusted source. In general we use our blog to give visitors a peek behind the curtain of BustedTees, rather than look at it as a direct sales channel."

More internet traffic on a page drives brand recognition, which translates to dollars as customers become more interested in a product to get rich online with tumblr.

But, Chandler warns, don't post it and forget it; it's important for companies to engage with customers on the blog — answer questions, banter, note what customers like.

On BustedTees' blog, there's a question of the day where the best response wins a free T-shirt. Once consumers get the product in their hands, they are more likely to buy another. The most recent question: "Assuming you will survive but have to live with the physical and emotional consequences, would you rather be attacked by a swarm of killer bees or a shark?"

But customers' favorite type of post is the rejected BustedTees ideas — "shirts we started making and had the sense not to finish," Ferri says. The crew posts half-finished T-shirts on the blog as they're discovered.

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